Andrew Hunt Economics Ltd was founded in 2001 and it is committed to providing an entirely independent, primarily flow of funds-based approach to macro-economic analysis for select clients in both the financial and commercial sectors.

The analysis is heavily focused on tracking and understanding changes in the ‘balance sheet behaviour’ of various economic agents and predicting the resulting flows that these changes may initiate. As such, the analysis is likely to be ideally suited for those interested in the asset and currency markets.

The company’s analysis is always based on the thorough and intensive use of the publically available economic data both from the real and financial sectors, and the analysis is backed up by regular research visits to the countries concerned.

The company’s sole aim is to provide this research, whatever its conclusions might ultimately be, to a limited number of clients. AHEL has no external investors or stakeholders and hence is completely focussed on the provision of first class research to its clients.

The analysis can be used by “top down” investors for investment idea generation and stress testing of existing positions, or it can be used by “bottom up” investors as an early warning system for exogenous threats.

Despite the company’s small size, it can count many of the world’s major investment houses, banks, foundations and family offices within its client base. It also has several major central banks and multinational organizations amongst its regular readership.

The company seeks to work in partnership with its clients by maintaining personal contact through both technology and – importantly – face to face meetings.

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